Holidays & Closures

The New Vision Academy is closed in honor of the holidays listed below. In addition, classes may be closed on Sunday if the holiday falls near the weekend. Our monthly schedule is maintained on the website (see Schedule Section). During inclement weather, the New Vision Academy will close when the town of Westwood declares a snow emergency. Please check our website for announcements. Tuition is not subject to adjustment for closures.

January: New Year’s Day
April: Easter Sunday
May: Memorial Day
July: Independence Day
September: Labor Day
November: Thanksgiving
December: Limited schedule between Christmas and New Year’s

Uniforms & Other Gear

Students need to purchase a lightweight uniform. Equipment from other prior schools can be used as long as they are deemed to be in good condition and without labeling from the prior school.

Tuition & Renewal Policies

Please refer to your signed copy of the Contractual Agreement provided at enrollment for your specific program term, tuition rate, renewal date, and method of payment. The following are general policies:

Tuition Policy:

  • Standard no refund policy
  • There are no pro-rations of tuition for missed classes
  • Payment is due for your program term regardless of attendance (Talk to one of the Senseis regarding freezing your account for up to two months max.)

Belt Promotionals and Fees:

The journey to Black Belt is broken down to a series of Belt Promotions where students get to demonstrate their techniques in front of the class and advance toward their Black Belt. Belt promotions occur on the last Sunday of every month at 3pm. This is a very exciting time for students who have worked to gain proficiency in their skills. Our testing fees are among the lowest in the country. The testing fees for all belt colors white to brown is $30 which includes a new belt and a new uniform if your child is promoted from our Little Ninjas program to our Kids Jiu Jitsu program.